How Sprouts Work

What are Sprouts?


Sprouts are tender, young cereal grasses grown from cereal grain. They are the equivalent of fresh spring grass which is considered to be the best livestock feed. The grass blades and root mass are fed to livestock the same day they are harvested.


Seed to Feed in 7 days?


Sprouts are grown indoors in special climate controlled grow rooms provided by FodderTech. This specialized equipment allows for optimal growing conditions for germinating grains.




Today’s rising costs of grain, hay, corn, and other feeds make owning livestock more difficult. The cost of growing fresh sprouts is significantly LESS expensive than feeding grain and corn, and in many cases hay.


Fresh is BEST


A FodderTech Sprouting System empowers livestock owners to grow feed ready for use the day it is harvested. Feeding fresh, green feed has significant nutritional advantages over dry feeds.


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