FodderTech fodder systems offer many impactful environmental benefits. These include dramatic reductions in water, land, energy, and equipment. The total impact of converting a farm or dairy to highly efficient and waterwise FodderTech sprouting systems can make a major difference in ‘greening’ up the planet.

  • Use 98% less water to grow feed
  • Use 99% less land to grow feed
  • Reduce the need for equipment and fuel used to plant, grow, harvest, transport, and store feed
  • Promote sustainable agriculture
  • Promote all natural, organic, and grass-fed livestock

98% Less Water


Protecting water is very important. Water conservation technology is at the core of the FodderTech designs which uses a RE-CIRCULATING watering system. Farming is under increased pressure from Governments and Environmental Advocacy Groups to reduce water usage. FodderTech sprouting systems grow 2000 lbs of sprouts with a little more than 200 gallons of water used per day. That’s as much as 98% less water than irrigated agriculture used to grow the same amount of forage.


99% Less Land


FodderTech sprouting systems use compact, vertical farming methods. Vertical systems are the key to high volume production of fresh fodder in a small footprint. Commercial systems can produce as much as 600 lbs of fresh feed per sq. foot of land per year. This equates to tremendous savings in land needed for feed production. Users report that a 1 ton per day system is equivalent to 150 – 300 acres of good pasture.

  • 1200 square feet grows the equivalent of 200 acres of pasture


Up to 70% Carbon Footprint Reduction


Energy efficient FodderTech systems reduce the need for equipment and fuel used to plant, harvest, transport, and store animal feed. The sprouts are grown indoors year round in highly specialized growing equipment that uses fewer fertilizers, no pesticides, and can be organically approved.


Promote Sustainable Agriculture


High quality agricultural lands worldwide are shrinking quickly due to development, population expansion, and overuse. FodderTech’s energy, land, and waterwise designs offer sustainable, intensive agriculture that can help feed the growing population.


All Natural, Organic, and Grass-Fed


Nutrition conscious consumers have spurred the growth of the all-natural, organic, free range, and grass-fed meat, dairy, and egg markets. FodderTech sprouts offer they highest level of nutrition with fresh, green grass fed to animals every day. Sprouted grains by FodderTech are free of petroleum based fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

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