Sprouts, otherwise known as fodder, are cereal grains grown into cereal grasses. These tender, young grass shoots are very similar to fresh spring grass which is generally considered as one of the best livestock feeds. Sprouts can be grown from virtually any cereal grain including barley, wheat, oats, rye, and others.

sprouted barley seedsHow sprouts work

Sprouts are grown from seed into feed 7 days in a temperature controlled building. Once mature, the grass blades along with the root mat are harvested and fed to animals as part of a feed ration. Sprouts can be integrated into virtually any feed system.

Environmentally Intelligent

FodderTech Sprouting Systems are extremely efficientdramatically reduce carbon footprint in agriculture. FodderTech systems:

  • Use 98% LESS WATER to grow feed
  • 200 gallons of water sprouts 1 ton of feed
  • Use 99% LESS LAND to grow feed
  • Up to 300 acres of pastureland in 1000 square feet

Mold & Mildew Free

Did you know that 1 ton of dry barley seeds comes with around 100 billion mold spores. A wet, warm environment will cause those spores to grow with the feed. FodderTech is the first company to address this issue head without strong chemicals. After 11 years of research and development FodderTech is proud to offer the FodderTech mold free guarantee with all FodderTech designs.

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