Large Commercial Fodder Systems

FodderTech’s Large & Expandable Commercial Sprouting System:


FodderTech is proud to introduce its updated Commercial Sprouting System which achieves the highest fodder yields with the least amount of labor of any system on the market today. This modular fodder production system is designed to scale from 125 lbs. to 20,000+ lbs. of fresh sprouts daily. All Sprouting Systems include everything needed to grow the sprouts, you just have to supply the climate controlled room and access to water and electricity.


Commercial System Features:


Modular Design & Expandability: The Modular Design allows for system growth in 250 lb (113.4 kg) increments and is fully expandable to any desired tonnage. The core building block of the Commercial system is the wheeled 4 ft. wide x 14 ft. long aluminum rack which holds twenty (20) 13 foot long x 10 inch wide growing trays. Each rack is capable of growing 250 lbs (113.4 Kg) of premium fresh fodder every day. Additional racks can be easily added to the system to offer expansion which is limited solely by the size of your grow room. The 125 lb system is the exception and it is essentially a 250 lb system with 10 sprouting trays instead of 20.

Small Footprint: The new commercial systems use a footprint that is 50% smaller than older FodderTech models. Previous designs could grow 2,000 lbs of sprouts in 2,000 square feet. The new system will produce 2,000 lbs of sprouts daily in less than 1,000 square feet while providing enough space for you to properly seed, harvest and operate your system.

Water & Nutrient Recirculation: Because all of the FodderTech systems recirculate the water, we are able to introduce organic nutrients into the water reservoir which results in larger sprouts and a lower percentage of unsprouted seed and therefore ensures a higher yield than any other system on the market today. We are seeing 80% efficiency on our water usage and we don’t create mud puddles in the summer and ice in the winter around our grow rooms from wasted water.

Labor Minimizing Design: The new design allows for extremely efficient, and best in the industry seeding, harvesting and cleaning. Experienced growers are spending less than 1 hour of labor per ton of fresh sprouts harvested.

Automated Watering: Every FodderTech sprouting system includes a timer to ensure that you are watering when you need to water and for the right length of time. This timer is part of a full water recirculation system. The recirculation system is designed specifically for your daily production needs and includes a Tank (for return water and nutrients), Pump, Timer and appropriate Plumbing.

Mold-Free Guarantee: We, at FodderTech, are so confident that you can grow your sprouts with our system for 7-Days without mold that we are willing to offer you a 100% refund on your system.

Lowest Operating Costs – Period: When you improve yields, save water and reduce labor, you Save Money!


Commercial System’s Daily Production / Dimensions / Feeding Capacities by Animal


Model # Daily Capacity (lbs) Dimensions in ft. (L x W x 8 ft. H) Beef Cattle* Dairy Cattle* (100% Fodder) Dairy Cattle* (Supplemental Fodder) Horses* Chickens*
125W 125 8′ x 12′ = 96 Sq. ft. 5 to 8 1 to 2 4 to 6 5 to 6 1,111 to 1,851
250W 250 12′ x 20′ = 240 Sq. ft. 10 to 17 3 to 4 9 to 12 11 to 12 2,222 to 3,703
500W 500 16′ x 20′ = 320 Sq. ft. 20 to 34 7 to 9 19 to 24 23 to 24 4,444 to 7,407
750W 750 20′ x 20′ = 400 Sq. ft. 30 to 51 11 to 14 28 to 36 35 to 36 6,666 to 11,111
1000W 1,000 20′ x 24′ = 480 Sq. ft. 40 to 68 15 to 19 38 to 48 46 to 49 8,888 to 14,814
1500W 1,500 20′ x 32′ = 640 Sq. ft. 61 to 102 23 to 28 57 to 72 70 to 73 13,333 to 22,222
2000W 2,000 20′ x 40′ = 800 Sq. ft. 81 to 136 30 to 38 76 to 96 93 to 98 17,777 to 29,629
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*The number of animals fed are estimates based on average body weights and recommended feed weight percentages based on the various animal types.

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