Our Systems

Our Systems

FodderTech systems convert grains into fresh, green feed using specially designed equipment. This feed is available for harvest 365 days a year regardless of climate and temperature. We recommend feeding sprouts to cows, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, poultry, and many other animals.

FodderTech Sprouting Systems

Whether you have 1,000s of dairy cows, a few horses, or a hobby farm, FodderTech offers sprouting system packages and kits to fit virtually any livestock owner’s needs and budget. FodderTech systems come complete with the sprouting equipment, pumps, meters, and everything necessary to grow quality sprouts inside of a new or existing climate controlled room. All FodderTech Systems come with following unique benefits:

  • Water and Nutrient Recirculation: This not only saves water, but improves yields because it cost-effectively distributes FodderTech’s proprietary formulation of organic nutrients, which enhance the natural growth of the sprouts resulting in improves yields.
  • The FodderTech Mold Free Guarantee: Allows you to grow your sprouts the full 7-Days without worrying about mold.
  • Labor Saving Design: Allows you to easily harvest your fresh fodder and seed the empty sprouting trays faster and easier than any other system on the market, period.
  • Lowest operating costs of any system available: Due to Higher Yields, No Mold and Labor Savings!


Commercial Feed Production Systems


Grow 125 to 20,000 lbs. or more of harvestable feed daily with our Commercial Systems. Whether you are starting small, but have big ambitions or you are starting big, the Commercial Systems are designed to address any amount of daily production you need.Click here to learn more about the FodderTech Commercial Systems.


Stationary Sprouting Systems


Sprout 125 – 250 lbs. of lush grass daily with the Stationary products. The Stationary systems ship to your farm in easy to assemble kits. Whether you are sprouting for a small operation or you want to experiment with sprouting on a small scale before going big-time with a Commercial System, this may be the right starting point for you. The great news is that all Stationary Hydroponic Sprouting systems can also be upgraded to a fully expandable Commercial System when you are ready. .


Table-Top or Mini Sprouting Systems


Sprout 25 – 125 lbs. of lush grass daily with the Table-Top Sprouting systems. This low profile system is perfect for the farmer who has a few animals. Whether you are sprouting for 5 horses or you want to experiment on a small scale before expanding, purchasing a larger system, the Table-Top Series can be a great starting point.

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