Feeding Sprouts to Chickens


Fresh sprouts grown in a FodderTech system offer nutritional advantages for poultry and chickens. Chickens perform very well when eating fresh, green sprouts. FodderTech sprouting systems allow users to supply appropriate volumes of fresh, spring grass shoots to their poultry for optimal performance. Sprouts are loaded with clorophyll and beta-carotene which offer advantages including orange yoke and larger eggs.

Advantages of Sprouts


Feeding sprouts to poultry offers very dramatic advantages including:

  • More eggs
  • Larger eggs
  • Deep, yellow/orange yoke
  • Thicker shell
  • Improved health

Feeding Sprouts to other Poultry


Sprouts can be used to feed turkeys, geese, ducks, ostrich, and other poultry.

  • Low cost feed
  • Faster weight gain
  • Better appearance & health

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