Modular, Containerized Fodder Systems

Modular, Containerized Fodder Systems

FodderTech’s series of modular, containerized systems are designed to fulfill a specific set of customer requirements:

  • No assembly required.  All single container units are 100% turnkey and are delivered ready-for-use.*
  • 100%  self-contained.  Customer is not required to provide a building, electrical or climate control systems, only a level pad and water and electrical hookups.
  • Is mobile and doesn’t require a permanent foundation.
  • Scalable.  Can be sized to meet the needs of any operation ranging from 100 lbs per day of fodder production up to multiple tons.
  • Incorporates FodderTech’s industry leading sprouting technology, labor reductions and mold-free fodder production capabilities.
  • Facilitates financing by consolidating building and equipment into a single purchase.
  • Meets FodderTech’s climate control standards to ensure best possible growing conditions.
  • Easily shipped worldwide.

FodderTech containerized system being delivered

300 lbs per day “turnkey” fodder system built in 20 ft container is delivered ready for use.


Interior of FodderTech containerized fodder system

Our containerized fodder systems have well-insulated walls lined with easy to clean panels and rubber floors, five-foot long growing trays mounted on corrosion-proof aluminum racks and have a 30 inches wide aisle.


Fodder growing in FodderTech containerized fodder system

While rack configuration has been adjusted to fit in a container, the technology is identical to our standard fodder systems.


Self-contained system capacities and dimensions

Please call for a quote on the following modular containerized units:

Capacity (Lbs/Day) Dimensions (ft W x L x H)
100 8x20x9.5
200 8x20x9.5
300 8x20x9.5
400 8x40x9.5
500 8x40x9.5
600 8x40x9.5
700 8x40x9.5
900 8x45x9.5
1600 16x40x9.5
2000 16x45x9.5

Modular container systems can be scaled to any size including 10 tons per day or more of production capacity.  Please call for a quote on the system size you need.

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