What is a FodderTech Sprouting System?

FodderTech Sprouting Systems are specially designed for germinating commercial volumes of cereal grains into lush grass indoors. Seeds grown in a FodderTech sprouting system mature into 10″ – 12″ of lush, green grass in just 7 – 8 days in a controlled environment. Nutritionally, sprouted grains are most like of spring grass. Sprouts contain high levels of vitamins, minerals, enzymes which offer nutritional advantages.

sprouted barley seedsWhy sprouts?

Sprouts are available to most farmers for a few weeks out of the year every spring when cereal grasses come out of the soil. Sprouts have been a part of livestock’s rations every spring since long before man was around. Many animals evolved eating grass and forages from cereal grains. Access to spring grass supplied flush milk production, added weight gain, and other natural benefits.

FodderTech empowers farmers to provide spring grass equivalent year round. By sprouting indoors in a controlled environment, users can grow consistent quality feed regardless of the climate. With over a decade of experience growing sprouts for livestock, FodderTech offers the most advanced sprouting systems for livestock feeding.

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