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FodderTech is a company that specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of sprouting systems. This unique equipment grows SEED TO FEED in 7 DAYS. Sprouting commercial volumes of sprouts indoors empowers livestock owners to grow green feed year-round. Availability of consistent, green feed year-round can improve animal nutrition, farm profitability, and much more.


Feeding FodderTech Sprouts

  • Grow sprouts for $60 – $100 per ton
  • Replace expensive feeds such as grain, corn, and hay
  • Harvest fresh sprouts year round
  • Improve animal nutrition with green feed
  • Dramatically reduce water use, land use, fertilzer and energy use
  • Save Money !



Animal Types:

  • Beef & Dairy Cows
  • Horses
  • Swine
  • Mutton & dairy goats
  • Sheep
  • Chickens & poultry
  • Llamas, alpaca, deer and elk
  • Rabbits, buffalo and other exotics


Peter Doyle Designs

FodderTech approaches sprouting in a unique way. All FodderTech equipment and growing techniques were developed by Mr. Peter Doyle, a world recognized hydroponics expert. Mr. Doyle recognized that sprouting fodder via a hydroponics system can introduce unique challenges such as growths of mold and mildew on the sprouts, the labor involved in seeding and harvesting sprouts and the scalability of the system to accommodate larger feeding needs.

Due to Mr. Doyle’s dedication to research & development, all FodderTech system designs combined with their operating procedures prevent mold and mildew all year. That is why FodderTech can offer the Mold Free Guarantee. All of the FodderTech’s wheeled designs are expandable, allowing our customers to grow their production from 125 lbs to 10 tons or more of Fresh Fodder per day. Finally, FodderTech’s integrated labor saving design dramatically reduces the effort and time needed to place new seeds in the trays as well as harvest the sprouts.


The FodderTech Difference:

  • FodderTech’s products prevent mold and mildew that plague other hydroponics sprouting systems which requires their owners to treat their systems with strong chemicals. Controlling mold & mildew allows the sprouts to become an excellent and healthy feed source for livestock.
  • FodderTech recycles both the water and the fertilizer used to grow the fodder which makes the system more environmentally friendly and saves the owner money.
  • FodderTech’s sprouting system’s unique design and procedures allow owners to grow their fodder for a full seven days which means higher yields and lower feed costs.

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